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Importance of Industry

Industrial Labels

Super Enterprise has always been associated with high quality industrial labels; in likes of the multinational companies of different segments. This includes various sectors ranging from household products, toiletries, cosmetic, lubricants and even automobile industry.

Quick response, fast turnaround time and the ability to meet urgency are the most common requirements for Industrial Labels. Super Enterprise has sophisticated design capabilities to produce high quality industrial labels for different market segments. Thus, it has always been the utmost priority of the company to satisfy all the required demands.

Uniqueness of the electrical Industry

Super Enterprise manufactures world-standard adhesive labels for the electrical industry-including nameplates for a diverse range of products from air conditioners, hair dryers, refrigerators, microwave oven to computer monitors and televisions.

The ability to meet with the stringent requirements of this industry is a key measure of the company' s capabilities. It is an area that Super Enterprise excels in -for this type of high-precision manufacturing requires the highest standards of quality. Most electrical products can impact on the safety of its users, meaning that all components must meet specifications of the products for their intended use.

However, in order to do so, a strict safety criteria must be met, including specific criteria for different products. Some are produced to specifications such as multiple-layers and lamination, extra tear-resistant strength, no-stain on glass and protection from water and dirt. In doing so, Super Enterprise sources for new materials such as silicon -free as well as high-temperature tolerant materials - a key criteria in many electrical goods. All this is carried out on a strict time-schedule with a view of timely delivery to customers

Retail Consumables

The manufacture of labels and tags for the retail industry is an area that Super Enterprise has been involved in for many years. Its major customers include hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores and independent retail outlets. The company has the capability to manufacture the following: from label rolls, weighing scale labels, to barcode labels, tags and IQ tags.

In its quest to offer labelling-related services to its retail-based customers, Super Enterprise also supply barcode ribbons. This would enable the customer to carry out variable information printing, e.g. barcodes, prices, product description, or other customised information onto each label and/or tag. This is particularly useful for inventory tracking and control for customers who carry a wide range of items for sale to the end-user.

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